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The Canadian Youth Visi  n

Inspire. Aspire. Take Action. 

Empowering Youth To Unleash Their True Potential 

We are a youth-led organization bringing together passionate and visionary Canadian young leaders on a united platform where they can contribute and collaborate with other leaders of the future in order to take meaningful initiatives that would take Canada forward. 

We aim to provide an opportunity for every young person to have their voices heard in their communities on social issues concerning the future of Canada including Mental Health, Low Income / Poverty Elimination, and Inclusion / Equality, so that, together, we can build upon a future that has equal opportunities for all and takes us into a new level of social justice and equity.



"The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow."

- Nelson Mandela

But for The Canadian Youth Vision, the youth are the leaders of today!

- The Canadian Youth Vision Team

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